NewsSpotter Uncontended Services

NewsSpotter is one of our favourite products, because it’s so unique and because it allows our customers to do something that has never been possible before

Flyaway Antenna and Tripod CasesWith one of our lightweight flyaway satellite kits, and a Europasat NewsSpotter account, you can truly harness the huge flexibility and cost effectiveness of satellite broadband anywhere in Europe, even when on the move.

Designed from outset as a broadcasting uplink tool for our customers the BBC, Fox News and CNN, NewsSpotter allows you to book on demand, pure uncontended bandwidth on the Ka Sat satellite for short sessions. You only pay for what you use, and you can set the bandwidth you need (upload, download or both) minute by minute or hour by hour, according to the project or job you’re working on.

The un-contended bandwidth on your account is set and controlled by you, real time, via our 24/7/365 online booking portal up to a maximum of 10 Mb upload and download. When you don’t have a booked NewsSpotter session live, the service provides a background 10 Mb download, 4 Mb upload ‘best endeavour’ IP service to enable access to the booking system, and to facilitate general broadband work like browsing and email.

For customers who want the ultimate in speed, security and flexibility we also offer the option of off-internet routing straight into your own data-centre via our inter-connect at Telehouse North, London

Typical uses of NewsSpotter services:-

Complete Flyaway kit

  • Broadcasting and radio uplink, live video contribution feeds
  • Store and forward file contribution
  • Return cue and audio feeds including VoIP
  • Ideal also for disaster recovery, emergency restoration and fail-over broadband connections for mission critical sites

NewsSpotter at a glance

  1. On demand, scalable, un-contended bandwidth bookable real-time 24/7/365
  2. Bandwidth costs a tenth of old Ku band based uplink technology and just pay for what you use
  3. Coverage across all of Europe, North Africa and Middle East
  4. Background, always on, IP service when NewsSpotter session not live
  5. Off internet routing via Telehouse North if required
  6. Accessible via light, inexpensive “shoot & scoot” flyaway terminal which fits in a small car, hardware price from £1000 (+VAT)

For more information on NewsSpotter or how it works call us on +44 (0)1869 356166 and ask to speak to our product specialists Trina Elliott or Selwyn Petterson or contact us here

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