Fast broadband for rural locations even when you've been told you can't get internet
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Europasat bring fast internet broadband via the power of satellite to any rural location, now from just £9.99 per month. Europasat is the independent choice for satellite broadband and doesn't discriminate by location so there is no need to wait for an expensive network to be built near your home.

Satellite broadband works in much the same way as Sky TV, mounting a dish on the outside of your house to receive the signal from the satellite in space. This is then transferred to a broadband router throughout your house.

A dish from Europasat is not an eyesore and no longer cost prohibitive - providing monthly tariffs from just £9.99 per month! Speeds are FAST and you have a choice of networks and usage levels depending on how much you will use your internet each month - including several unlimited monthly data allowance tariffs.

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Tariffs for our satellite broadband start from just £9.99

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The benefits of using Europasat

Satellite dish

No need for a fixed line to receive fast broadband with Europasat.

Happy customers

Monthly tariffs now start from just £9.99.

Fast speeds

Speeds are lightening quick - offering up to 22 Mb upload speeds.

Easy to install

Nice and easy to install with our simple set top box.

Flexible tariffs

Flexible tariffs for when you need more data.

Satellite broadband

When you need to depend on your internet access, satellite broadband from Europasat won't let you down.

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